Member Profiles

Payton Steckroat


Payton is a freshman from Bucks County, PA majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Business! She wants to live in New York City and work for an entertainment or fashion company! This winter she interned for the company Brain Communications! Payton loves shopping, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Phoebe Sebring
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Phoebe is a junior majoring in Advertising in the Bellisario College of Communications, minoring in Graphic Design from the Stuckmann School of Arts and Architecture. She is also working towards a certificate in Meetings and Event Management. Just beginning the career search, she is applying to interships for the summer of 2020. Phoebe loves all things art and design related, spending her freetime scrolling social media for influencers and new inspiration. She also enjoys styling outfits for many occasions, painting and drawing. After graduating in May of 2022, Phoebe hopes to begin the steps to her dream career of an Art Director for the Bridal side of the Fashion Publication Industry.


Christy McDermott


Christy is a senior majoring in digital and print journalism and minoring in French as well as digital media trends and analytics. She is currently the Web Director for VALLEY Magazine, Penn State's only student-run life and style magazine. In her free time, she loves shopping, expanding her skincare collection and posting on Instagram. After college, Christy would love to work for a lifestyle and fashion magazine or start her own blog.

Hannah Bingham
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Hannah is a senior pursuing a major in journalism as well as a dual minor in sociology and global and international studies. She has worked as a social media intern for Greenway Health in Tampa, Florida. Hannah also writes for VALLEY magazine at Penn State and an active member in her sorority Sigma Kappa. Hannah plans to study abroad in Paris and travel as much as possible in the future. After college, Hannah would love to either write or work in social media for a life & style publication. 

Katy Shero

Katy Shero is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Journalism and a SMEAL business certificate. She is currently a Writing Coordinator at the Penn State Writing Center and pursuing editorial internships with both a magazine and a publishing house this semester. She is also a reporter for PSN-TV and runs a growing poetry page on Instagram. Katy loves creative writing and non-fiction writing. She has had work featured in Folio and Klio: two of Penn State's on-campus literary magazines. Though writing is her greatest passion, she also takes interest in editing, videography, politics, social media content creation, and nonprofits. She is unsure yet what exactly she wants to do after college, but she would love to work somewhere within the fields of editing/publishing or journalism while living in a large city. 

Amanda Flynn

Amanda Flynn is a sophomore majoring in digital and print journalism with a minor in digital media trends and analytics. She is currently a staff writer for VALLEY Magazine and is the Recruiting Director for sheTribe U at Penn State. Outside of school she enjoys reading newspapers and magazines, watching movies and spending time with friends and family. After college, Amanda hopes to live abroad and write for a life and style magazine or start her own blog. 

Lizzie Bourque

Lizzie is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. She is a creative representative at The Daily Collegian, where she designs graphics and advertisements. In her free time, Lizzie loves to read newspapers and magazines and travel whenever she can. After graduation, she hopes to work for a lifestyle magazine or fashion label.

Sara Harkins

Sara is a freshman majoring in Public Relations at Penn State University. She is involved in a lot of clubs that cover her interests in film, art, magazines, and philanthropy. Sara served as President of a philanthropic art club to support a local food cupboard in high school as well as a writer for her highschool’s newspaper. She loves to write about diversity, beauty, and fashion! After college, Sara would love to work with creative people doing PR in a makeup company or creative work somewhere in the magazine or film industry. 

Kate Dietrich

Kate is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and minoring in French and Political Science. She has interned in the marketing department for Kimberton Whole Foods. After college, Kate would love to work for a lifestyle magazine or a company centered on fitness, such as lululemon. She enjoys going to the gym in her free time.

Lindsay Avillo

Lindsay is a freshman majoring in Hospitality Management. Lindsay wants to hold a summer internship in New York City. Lindsay loves shopping and putting together creative and unique outfits as well as cooking and baking with her friends and family. After college, Lindsay would love to be an event planner and wants to own an event planning company with her sister one day. 

Nicole Riper 

Nicole is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Journalism. Nicole aspires to someday work in Fashion PR or for a fashion magazine. Nicole loves spending her free time writing, exercising outdoors, shopping, and surfing at the beach.  

Cameryn Orlowski

Cameryn is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in business and liberal arts and a Smeal College of Business certificate. She has interned with Buffalo Canvas, a startup company within her hometown. She hopes to attend law school after graduating from Penn State and would love to work in New York City. Cameryn spends her free time traveling, exploring with makeup or socializing with friends and family.  

Eliza Koster

Eliza is a Sophomore majoring in Public Relations with a Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor and a Business Certificate. She has interned at ABC News and Peter Callahan Catering Company running their social media pages. Eliza is currently a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and Life-Link. She is the Outreach Manager for Bumble’s ambassador program and worked on the social media team of VALLEY Magazine, Penn State’s student-run life and style magazine. In her free time, Eliza enjoys photography, shopping, and cooking for her friends and family. After college, Eliza is planning on going back to New York City to pursue her dreams of working for a lifestyle and fashion magazine.

Erin Warth

Erin Warth is from Glenside, PA and is majoring in Digital and Print Journalism, with a minor in Art History. She hopes to work in New York City as a Fashion Magazine Editor one day and is interning in London this summer. She has worked at multiple fashion boutiques and runs her own small Instagram shop called Lioness. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and shopping!